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AfterProm a Success

Our MoHi AfterProm Committee reported a huge success at the event last month! The Monarch High School Prom was held on April 25, and a team of 300 volunteers worked hard to transform the school into a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory-themed party for Prom attendees to come enjoy after the Prom was over. The committee reported 530 attendees, who spent the hours of 12am-4pm at the casino tables, winning fabulous door prizes including a TV, a computer, a bike, an iPad and $500 cash! In fact one lucky senior will win the final $500 cash prize at the All School Assembly on May 22. The kids had a blast! The Open House earlier in the day was well attended with at least 200 families, Monarch High School staff, and students coming to roam and enjoy the decorated halls.

Big thanks to committee leads and parent volunteers Karen McCrudden, Sharon Reece, and Rene Enroth who spent hundreds of hours preparing and running the event. Also, a special shout-out to senior Robin Silk, who was our outstanding student liaison and worked very hard with the committee to make this a safe, successful event for kids. A special thank-you to all who donated to help us raise over $20,000 to make this event a success!

The committee will start planning again soon and is always looking for great volunteers to help out. Contact the team at afterpromevent@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook to see video and photos yourself: