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Technology Student Association Awards

Congratulations to our Technology Student Association Award Winners listed below:

1st Place – Chapter Service Project – Our Community Service Project with Juniper Village.
(All Monarch TSA members – Project organizers Michael Katona, David Park, Cam Frederickson)

1st Place – Penny War – Colorado TSA Scholarship Fundraising Project.
(All Monarch TSA members – Project organizer – Michael Katona

2nd Place – On-site Coding – CS/programming quick programs and one small computer application.
Michael Katona, Nathan Hand, Greg Bell

Top Five Finalists:
Software Development – Students create a very complete software system/application from September thru January.
Greg Bell, Michael Katona, Nathan Hand

Top Five Finalists:
Video Game Development –   Students create a very complete video game from September thru January.
Daniel Fredrick, David Park, Cam Frederickson, Ben Donley, Jessica Hannebert

Web site – Students create a new Monarch TSA web site with a STEM/CS research topic every year.
Ben Familetto, Maguire Harwood, Zikra Hashmi,  Rachel Klemaszewski,  Preston Dixon

On Demand Video- Students create a video based on topic given to them at the conference. They have 24 hours to complete the project!
These students are highly creative:   Zikra Hashmi, Jessica Hannebert,  Charlie Nevitt,  Rachel Klemaszewski

All projects and competitions are accompanied by a Leadership Resume. Students must describe what they do for team building and leadership for every project. They must not only show their excellent technical expertise, but also interview as a team. Congratulations to all!

Kristin Donley
Science Teacher