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New Call-n-Ride Service to Benefit Monarch Students

Recently, the Town of Superior, through a grant, was able to bring back the Call-n-Ride service.

How will Call-n-Ride benefits our students? Call-n-Ride is a personalized bus service that travels everywhere in Superior (or Louisville if you’re a Louisville resident), as well as a host of major destinations like the mall, hospital, and Monarch campus. One phone call can connect you, door-to-door, wherever you may want to go within the service area. Plus, it’s cheap at just $1.30 for students.

Here are a few additional ways our school community will benefit:

  • For students who aren’t on a bus route, it’s a great way to get to and from school.
  • In a pinch, if parents get tied up at work, they can call and get a ride home for their student, a real bonus in bad weather.
  • For students involved in before or after school activities, when buses aren’t running and parents may have other obligations, it’s a great way to get where you need to be.
  • It’s a great way to manage a day with an alternative schedule such as late arrival Wednesdays or Exam Days.
  • And for teachers or administrators who would like to use the RTD bus system, but find it difficult to get to school from the US-36 drop, this will provide a ride directly to the school, super easy.
  • Or … if you bike to school and the weather turns bad, Call-N-Ride can take you and your bike home.
  • Not to mention it’s a safe way for teens, who don’t have licenses/vehicles, to safely get around town.

Since Monarch services both Superior and Louisville families, this attached flyer includes numbers and maps for both programs.  Families that live in Louisville need to utilize the Louisville bus and Superior families need to utilize the Superior bus.

For more information, please click here for the website.