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DECA Excels at Colorado Competitions

The Beaver Creek Invitational is a competition in Vail, organized by Valor Christian High School. It is an overnight competition for which students leave the morning of Friday, November 3rd and come back the night of Saturday, November 4th. Beaver Creek is the last way for students to prepare before the District Conference.

Monarch brought around forty student to Beaver Creek to compete. The Monarch Officer Team not only competed, but they held a speed round type of workshop for other schools to attend. Students would choose a partner and an officer would present a topic. Then, whatever student would say a word based on the topic first would win the round. Multiple Monarch students placed in the competition!

1st​ ​Place​ ​Winners:
Sofia Rodero
Jacob Munch

3rd​ ​Place​ ​Winners:
Reilly VanderVeer
Samantha Keenan

Certificate​ ​Award​ ​Winners:
Hank Dalle-Molle
Kylie Dietz
Emily Reed
Tate Sattler
Chandler Thornton
Max Rosenboom
Megan Banks
Sophia Le
Garet Villars
Liam Barnes
Haley Ficker
Connor Crouch
Trevor Flynn

The DU Invite is a DECA competition, hosted by Monarch High School, and held at the Driscoll Student Center and Strum Hall at the University of Denver. DU Invite offers another competition in which students compete and prepare for the District Conference in December. It also is a way for students to get a feel for the University of Denver Business School.

This year, the DU Invite was held on October 12th, and was a huge success! We had multiple schools come from all over the state and around 550 students participated in the competition. 18 students from Monarch placed in the top 3 of their events!

1st Place Award winners:
Jacob Munch
Tyler Lilja
Shajesh Sharma (1st year student!)
Chandler Thornton
Zach East
Will Spong

2nd Place Award winners:
Megan Banks
Justin Kiss
Haley Ficker (1st year student!)
Mitch Perez (1st year student!)

3rd Place Award winners:
Addison Nakari (1st year student!)
Christin Nicol
Max Rosenboom
Sophia Le (1st year student!)
Samantha Keenan (1st year student!)
Nicole Reading
Emily Reed
Tate Sattler












Jody Bennett
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