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Families Needed to Host International Exchange Students

Monarch has a strong tradition of having international students walk the halls alongside students in our community. International students add a tremendous amount of value to a conversation in a classroom. The friendships that are formed with other students and their host families last a lifetime. Monarch would love to continue this tradition as we see the value it can add to the community and our classrooms.

We are in need of local host families to volunteer to host these students for a semester or school year. Hosting an exchange student can bring a wealth of knowledge about other countries and cultures to your home and can create lifelong friendships as well. Three meals a day, a place to study and a loving environment to learn more of American life is all that is needed. Students come with their own spending money. They speak English. They have their own medical insurance.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity please contact Debbie Odom at 303-532-6577 or Exchangeofheartinfo@gmail.com.

Debbie Odom