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Monarch DECA Updates

Monarch DECA had our yearly District Competition, where we compete in District 1 against Legacy High School and Mountain Range High school. This competition was on November 16th, and there were over 470 students at the competition. We brought 138 of our Monarch DECA students, and 65 of them are State Qualifiers. State will be held on February 23rd-26th at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Congratulations to all of the students that qualified! The list is shown below.

Megan Volpe, Ethan Varney, Katy Sun, Isabella Agostinelli-Brown, Addison Nakari, Shayna Kliger, Jacob Skinner, Liam Barnes, Kirsi Heil, Jacob Munch, Leah Pring, Nathan Lewison, Preston Dixon, Kyle Sylvester, Rachel Krams, Ashley Croteau, Charlie Henritz, Davis Silver, Tyler Lilja, Max Rosenboom, Michael Recchia, Georgia Barber, John Recchia, Jack Reuter, Noa Greene, Sofi Rodero, Jane Stark, Megan Banks, Mitch Perez-Bigger, Ned Tucker, Augie Evans, Kate Jensen, Connor Cioth, Kylie Dietz, Gavin Thornton, Skylar Laman, Zoe Brady, Izzy Lincoln, Zac Schmanski, Brayden Winkelbauer, Haley Ficker, Andrew Campbell, Nicole Reading, Noah Messman, Quinn McNamara, Aidan Payne, Spencer Frank, Brandon Nimmons, Olivia Day, Sammie Holland, Tori Sylvester


Luke Mitton & Ethan Wearner (Team Event), Michael Conde & Connor Reuter (Team Event), Emily Reed & Tate Sattler (Team Event), Hank Dalle-Molle & Trevor Flynn (Team Event), Kaylix McClure & Shajesh Sharma (Team Event), Jordan Jensen & Noya Ouaknine (Team Event), Trinity Jackson & Jamie Thompson (Team Event)

Last week, December 3rd through the 7th, was Kindness Week. Kindness Week, named Mohi Knows Kindness, is a campaign run by three Monarch DECA students. Megan Volpe, Mitch Perez, and Sam Keenan have worked countless hours on this event. Mohi Knows Kindness week is a week full of care and happiness where all students at Monarch have the opportunity to write anonymous kindness slips to teachers or friends, and perform kindness commands to create a chain of good deeds throughout our school.

MohProClo is a closet for student who can’t afford business clothes. A group of Monarch DECA students created this community service project that takes donations from the community, and creates a closet that has business clothing to give to students for free who cannot afford to buy them. If you have any donations, please contact Julia Kubiak at 303-877-5675.

Jody Frieder Bennett
Marketing Teacher/DECA Advisor
Monarch High School