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Business Awards and Recognition

Twenty three students scored among the top business students nationwide on rigorous exams to test their business knowledge.  The exams are part of the school’s High School of Business™ program, a national accelerated business administration program of MBA Research and Curriculum Center, offered at Monarch High School. Approximately 6,000 students from across the nation participated in the program during the 2016-17 school year.

Receiving top scores were:

Evaline Bearce – Business Economics
Tyler Lilja* – Principles of Marketing
Kyle Willis – Principles of Marketing
Ethan Elterich* – Principles of Marketing
Calder Rodriguez+ – Principles of Finance
Sarah Holland+ – Business Strategies
Ian Lee+ – Business Strategies
Garrett LeNeveu – Wealth Management
Ashley Croteau – Wealth Management
Matthew Chen – Wealth Management
Evan Wilson* – Wealth Management
Tasman Miley – Wealth Management
Elise Gooding-Lord* – Wealth Management
Claus Ruttgers – Wealth Management
Nicholas Smith* – Wealth Management
William Steinfort – Wealth Management
Campbell Watson* – Wealth Management
Owen Hallgren – Wealth Management
Ginger Harrington – Wealth Management
Paul Meaney – Principles of Management
Sebastian Rodriguez – Wealth Management
Taylor Ficker+ – Principles of Management, Business Strategies
Jacob Munch – Principles of Marketing, Principles of Finance

Students participating in High School of Business™ complete real, hands-on business projects through a series of six courses. The program also includes observational internships, opportunities to earn college credit, and local oversight via a steering team of college faculty, business professionals, and school personnel.

High School of Business™ is a program of MBA Research, a non-profit organization specializing in educational research and the development of business and marketing curriculum for high schools and colleges across the U.S. The accelerated program is designed for college-bound students with interest in business administration careers, such as marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, or management. For more information about the national organization, click here.

* Not pictured

+ Monarch HS Class of 2017

Jo Harpring
Monarch Counselor