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Registrar’s Notice

Students: If you know you will NOT be returning to Monarch High School for the 2018-2019 school year, please see Ms. Sena in the Counseling Office. Thank you!

Online Courses- Summer 2018 Term

2018 Course Registration for Full Courses and Credit Recovery Courses opened on April 9th.

Only students that have previously taken the course and earned a F or a D are eligible to take credit recovery courses. Credit recovery courses are open for 4 weeks (no extensions).

Learn more by clicking here.

Summer School On Campus Courses:

Summer 2018 On Campus Course Registration for Course Registration Full Courses opened on April 9th.

Information about on campus courses that are offered over the summer can be found here.


FRESHMAN, SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS:  Check out all the Boulder CTEC has to offer.  Many CTEC Classes offer College Credit and Embedded High School Credit. At this time, available seating is limited. Learn more about the course offerings here.



Senior Check Out

Seniors, remember you need to complete senior check out. In order to do so, you must complete the requirements listed on the “How to Get Out of Here” Guide and “Request for Final Transcript“.  You received these documents during the Senior Meeting on April 4th.  Additional copies can be picked up in the Counseling Office and are attached HERE.

Graduation Information

Parents of seniors, you should have received information about graduation in the mail.  If you did not receive this communication, please contact Julie Robbins in the counseling office at 720-561-5634.

Updating Naviance with College Admission Decisions

It is the time of year when many of you begin receiving admission decisions from your colleges.  Please be sure to update your Naviance account to show all admission decisions.

The data collected from these decisions (accepted, denied, waitlisted, or deferred) is used to assist us in best supporting future seniors.  Think back to how helpful the Admission Decisions Graphs in Naviance were for you!

If you are choosing another option for post-high school such as military, work, Gap Year, etc. – please let your counselor know so we can also record and celebrate these accomplishments!

Information about how to update your admissions decisions is listed below:

1. Sign into Naviance.
2. Go to the “colleges I’m applying to” page
3. Click on the pencil icon to edit application “results”
4. Indicate where you have been accepted, denied, waitlisted, or deferred.
5. Click “Update Applications” to save this information.

If you know what college you will be attending, please update “College that I am attending” on the “colleges I’m applying to” page

If you chose not to apply to some of the schools on your list please ask a counselor to delete those applications.


Thank Your Teachers

This year Teacher Letters of Recommendation were sent to over 1000 schools on behalf of the senior class.  Please remember to thank your teachers for writing your letters of recommendation.


Last names beginning A–D: Tom Hacker, thomas.hacker@bvsd.org, 720-561-4207
Last names beginning E–K: Alex Cyr, alexandra.cyr@bvsd.org, 720-561-4204
Last names beginning L–Rn: Jo Harpring, jo.harpring@bvsd.org, 720-561-4210
Last names beginning Ro–Z: Jill Benisch, jill.benisch@bvsd.org, 720-561-4203

Please be sure to check out the MHS counseling website HERE.

Alexandra Cyr
Monarch High School
School Counselor