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Consider Low-Cost Financial Services

Autumn is when the leaves change color and the weather begins to turns cooler. It is also a great time to consider alternatives to help lower the fees you pay for financial services, and the financing rates you are charged for your mortgage, automobile, personal loans, and credit cards.

In addition, you may have already set up an account for your children with a debit card at your financial institution. While it might be free today, consider the long-term. If your financial institution is a bank, bank fees and financing rates have historically been higher than those at credit unions. That being the case, when your children apply for their first auto loan, a mortgage, and credit card, they may pay more than necessary which will cost them more over the long run. Why set them up for paying more when you don’t have to?

Financial literacy is part of the school’s curriculum. Teaching students to manage their money, use credit responsibly, and make wise financial choices, from the beginning, will have long-term benefits. To supplement classroom learning, we have the Coyote Student Credit Union to help students gain the skills before they graduate from high school through hands-on learning.

In fact, seniors still have time to open their account this year before they graduate and take advantage of the savings. Accounts graduate with students as they move out on their own or go away to college, and you’ll rest easier knowing they already have low-cost financial services.

NOTE: The largest national banks do not have branches and ATMS in every state. The credit union has shared branches and in-network ATM’s in EVERY state which are free to use, and located on or near most every college campus. When necessary, parents can fund their accounts through our local branches.

Before the holidays set in and time gets away from you, take time to discover the savings and benefits the credit union can provide you and your family. The credit union forwards a donation to your school’s PTSO Parent Teacher Student Organization based on everyone’s participation.

Steve Carr
Education Specialist, Boulder Credit Union
303-657-7558 or scarr@bvcu.org