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Save Money And Raise Money with Coyote Student Credit Union

With the holidays fast approaching, take time to ensure that you and your family are enjoying the lowest cost financial services. Studies continue to show that credit unions typically provide the lowest cost loans and financial services, the lowest fees, better rates on savings and the highest customer satisfaction ratings. Premier Members Credit Union is no exception!

Now, you and your family can lower the costs of your mortgage, 2nd mortgage and HELOC, auto loans, credit cards and more. AND when you do, the credit union will send a portion of the loan interest back to Monarch’s PTSO. That’s LIFE (Loan Interest for Education) and it’s that simple.

It works similar to the grocery store fundraising Cards…without reloading cards all the time. Simply apply for a qualified consumer loan at Premier Members Credit Union, mention LIFE, and mention Monarch PTSO. Then make your monthly payments and enjoy the savings and know your school will benefit.

Encourage your family and friends to discover the savings they can enjoy by financing and/or refinancing their consumer loans with Premier Members Credit Union to help produce additional funding for your school. Visit this link for more information and to apply online. The sooner you start, the quicker you’ll save and see the money help your school.

Students can save on the costs of financial services for a lifetime when they join the Coyote Student Credit Union located in the Student Center. Ask how students can earn up to $25 when they make 5 or more purchases per month with their new Debit Card during the first 5 months from opening their new account. Click here for more information.. Call Steve at the number below for more information.

Steve Carr
Business Development Consultant
Office 303.657.7558
Facsimile 303.657.7358