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New Scheduling Software Available

You can find our new scheduling software HERE.

Bus departure times and return times are available on MOST events. People can get a real time look of all our schedules for the entire building’s schedules and what’s going on. Categories include academic (school stuff, counseling, academic clubs), athletics, and scholastic (drama, choir, band, and orchestra), or you can view all. Finally, ‘notify me’ is an option to set to your personal cell or other device to get real time updates to changes that are made to your favorite events.

The link to buy tickets to our ticketed sporting events is here. Save time by buying online and not waiting in line, then just scan your phone at the gate.

See the website for regular updates HERE.

The sports punch pass can be bought during the school day from the treasurers office. This pass is 20 punches for any ticketed event in the district for $80.

Darren Duplechin