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Learn about PEN’s Calendar of Events for 2017-2018

PEN (Parent Engagement Network has a non-fiscal partnership with the district, and several other community organizations. We support parents through presentations, workshops, book groups, coffee talks, and documentary showings around topics like healthy communication relationship building, bullying, drug and alcohol use, suicide prevention, stress and anxiety, peer relationships, transitions, and preparation for adulthood.

Supporting parents in navigating these kinds of issues contributes to the social-emotional health of children, which has been linked to school success. At the core of every parent is the hope that their child grows into happy, responsible young adults. PEN’s model is to engage, educate and empower parents to face the easy and most challenging times in their parenting journey.

Click here to visit the PEN Calendar of Events for 2018-2018.

Lori Dulberg
Monarch PEN Liaison
 PEN Website