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From the PTSO President

As we wind down our year, I just want to thank several people:

A huge shout-out goes to our PTSO Board for their dedication and time in helping the PTSO run as efficiently as possible. Lura Vernon, Gudrun Emrich, Sherry Purdy, Tori Devore, Leslie Burgoyne, Anita Harrington, John Beaupre, Cory Nickerson, and Kathi Oke: you guys ROCK, and I’m so thankful for each of you.

Also, a thank-you to Michelle Welsh-Horst for her dedication to the PTSO Newsletter as editor. She has spent hours over several years editing and communicating with others to make it a tool that gets information out to parents as clearly and comprehensively as possible. Thank you so much for this, Michelle!

Another thank-you to all the parents and students that donated to the PTSO: we raised over $15,000 with almost all of that going directly into classrooms for technology, teaching tools, curriculum, and items that help our staff perform at their peak!

I want to thank Barb Olsen for tirelessly giving of herself by answering our questions, helping us set things up for various conference and staff appreciation activities, and supporting the PTSO.

Thanks to Eric Moroye and Dr. Anderson for giving time out of their busy schedules to attend PTSO meetings so that parents can ask questions and keep their fingers on the pulse of what is going on at Monarch High School.

We are lucky to have our children go to school at Monarch High School. Our teachers and staff are top notch, and the parents here are caring and supportive. It’s a great day to be a Coyote!

Have a great summer, and we’ll see you in the fall.