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From the PTSO President

Hello Monarch High School Parents,

I thought I’d take the time in my Monarch High School PTSO President’s letter to honor the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday by expressing appreciation for all that our school has to offer our students.

First and foremost I’m thankful that our students are able to attend a school that challenges them by offering classes for all levels and prepares them for life, college, and at the same time embraces the uniqueness of every person.

We are fortunate to have administrators and counselors who really care about creating a positive school climate where students are heard and supported. Dr. Anderson has lead a wonderful staff of teachers who are intentional about caring for students and partner with them to help them achieve whatever success they desire.

Monarch High School is filled with opportunities that meet the diverse needs of our kids. If a student is artsy, there are clubs and classes to encourage them in their creative talents. For band, drama, and vocal music interests our music and drama departments strive hard to encourage students to succeed in these areas by providing theater, jazz band, and percussion.

I love that students are given the option to start clubs that reflect their interests and needs. By leading a club they gain experience in leadership, organization, and working with others. There are so many great clubs available to students!

Clubs such as Gay Straight Alliance and No Place for Hate provide emotional and social support which is something every teen can benefit from. If your student wants to give back by volunteering, I’m grateful for academic programs like Student Council, National Honor Society, DECA, FBLA, Writer’s club, Journalism, and others that encourage students to hone their skills of business, writing, and leadership. These are skills that will carry forward with them into college life and future careers.

Of course our school also hosts a ton of sports! There are the obvious Football, Track, Volleyball, Basketball, Golf, Cheer, Baseball, and other popular programs that so many people enjoy. But did you know that MHS also offers Roller Hockey, Ski Club, Mountain Biking, and Ultimate Frisbee? There is a sport for everyone here!

I’m so glad that Monarch is a well-rounded school where everyone can find their niche. If your student is looking for opportunities please go to the MHS website under sports and activities. There they can find the resources, contacts, and encouragement to get involved!

Kelli Gambee
PTSO President