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From the PTSO President

Hello from the desk of the PTSO President,

PTSO is looking for a leader. My years on the PTSO board are coming to an end as my kids are in their last years, and I’d like to turn over the reins. We are looking for an organized person who can lead our board. I’m sure you’re asking why no one has stepped in to fill this position from our pool of current volunteers–the reason is that our current board members are so good at their positions that no one wants to leave what they’re doing to take on this role. I don’t blame them! It’s true they have made my job very easy.

The benefits of being president are many. By being on the PTSO board you have your finger on the pulse of what is going on at Monarch High School, you hear firsthand about district news and changes, you get to have a face to face sit-down meeting with assistant principal, Eric Moroye, at least once a month, and you will make great friends by working with a wonderful team of other parents who share common goals.

I know the term “president” sounds daunting, but I can assure you that the PTSO runs like a well-oiled machine with each board member contributing in their area. We just need someone who can lead meetings, create meeting agendas, and write a monthly newsletter article to tell families about all the great things the PTSO does. It is probably a 4-5 hour a month commitment including the meetings. This group functions very much as a team, so that all of the work does not fall on the president. I will pass down a calendar of “to-do’s” to guide you in your endeavor and will always be only a phone call away from being there to walk you through any questions.

This is the perfect position for someone who has been a part of PTA/PTO at the elementary or middle school level, though you don’t have to have done that to be a candidate. If you are a good leader and can delegate tasks, you can do this job!

If you would like to learn more about being MoHi’s next PTSO President (no commitment, just information) please contact me at the e-mail below or by phone at 248-787-2641.

Kelli Gambee
PTSO President