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PTSO’s 2nd Annual “Helping Freshman Prepare for Finals”

Our student led panel absolutely *rocked it* with wise, insightful and, sometimes, humorous advice on the topic of “Helping Freshman Prepare for Finals”. This meeting/discussion was held  on Wednesday, December 6th from 7 to 8 p.m in the school library and was a well attended, successful event with over 50 students and parents in attendance.  Seven of Monarch’s impressive upperclass students were on hand to answer questions and give advice to our freshmen and their parents about how to prepare and succeed during their first finals week in high school. Special thanks to our student panel comprised of:

Christian Roch
Elsie Hattendorf
Justin Kiss
Libby Moore
Avery Golder
Conor Farrell
Steven Langer

We invite you to view short, but helpful, video clips with highlights of great advice useful year round here.  Our PTSO Secretary, Katie Wilcox, added handwritten notes here. The meeting also served as the PTSO’s Fall General Meeting and we will plan a second panel in the Spring with a new topic.

Cory Nickerson and Lynne Wexler
Co-Presidents, Monarch PTSO