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Generous PTSO Donors Fund Fall Mini-Grants

On behalf of the PTSO, I would like to thank all of our donors for their generosity during the registration campaign as well as our mailing effort this fall. The Monarch High School PTSO strives to limit our fundraising events and solicitations. All of our fundraising proceeds go directly to the school.

Our first major funding initiative this year was the fall mini-grant distribution which took place on Thursday, December 11. The committee awarded $3,800 to support four different programs. These programs included the Advanced Chemistry Department’s Flipped Classroom Initiative, Adaptive PE’s Just Dance Program, the Library’s 10th Grade Reading Challenge, and the Academic Tutoring Program to enhance their efforts with students.

In the spring, there will be another round of mini-grant funding. If you would like to support our efforts, please click the attached link.

Click for the Monarch PTSO Donation Page

Thanks again for helping to provide some of these special extras that make MHS shine.

Kelli Gambee
PTSO President