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PTSO Donations At Work in 2018! Where Does Your Donation Go?

Thanks to our generous donors and corporate sponsors, we have raised approximately $10,000 so far this school year! This has enabled us to fund over a dozen mini-grants to support our students, teachers and staff in the classroom. Our donors helped us fund the following:

• An on-site pilot tutoring program through CU Work-Study offering students tutoring in Math, LA, Science and Social Studies.
• Little Rock Nine Foundation speaker, Carlotta LaNier, addressed the Juniors in US History on February 28th.
• Surface Pro Tablet to create flipped classrooms for AP and Advanced Chemistry.
• Funding towards a “book tasting restaurant” for students in Language Arts and Social Studies.
• iPods for all World Languages to aid in preparation for the AP exams.
• Movement Lab and Obstacle Course for the Adaptive PE students.
• Robotics class tools including an electrical motor, microcontroller, and joystick.
• 3D Glasses used in the library allowing classes to take virtual field trips.
• Wacom wireless tablet with pen for use in Math to present problems interactively.
• Respiratory Spirometers for use in Biology and Anatomy classes.
• ILC classroom items to create a space for students challenged by sensory input.
• iPads for use by Science and Art for digital lab stations and image research/design.
• Spanish Novels and Games for use in the classroom for free reading and creativity.
• Molecular Modeling Kits to demonstrate chemical bonding in Physical Science classes.
• Publication of the school literary magazine.
• Both MoVibe and After Prom support.
• Support and celebration of staff during Staff Appreciation Week with food, treats, and gift cards.
• Staff Appreciation meals during Parent/Teacher conferences.

On behalf of the PTSO board, we greatly appreciate your support in helping our wonderful school and teachers.

Cory Nickerson and Lynne Wexler
PTSO Co-Presidents