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PTSO Thanks You for a Great Year!

It seems like only last week we were welcoming you all to a new school year and now here we are writing the last Co-President’s letter of 2017-18.

First, congratulations to the Class of 2018! What an exciting time of life it is to be a student saying goodbye to their primary years of school and entering their future. We wish you all the best of luck to all of you as you pursue your passions.

We would like to thank our talented and hard working PTSO board! Our board has volunteered many hundreds of hours to serve the Monarch High School community. We have been fortunate to work alongside each of them as they use their talents to make a difference in our school. Along with the two of us, we regretfully say farewell to our board members who have given generously of their time Brenda Brown, Anita Harrington, Michelle Gazarik and Lorie Roch.  We very much appreciate your contributions and hope you to stay in touch!

We asked our community to join our board and you did! A special thank you to the new and returning PTSO board members who will officially serve in the new school year:

  • Lisa Ponder – Fundraising
  • Kendra Dushane -Treasurer
  • Sean Mitchell & Bevin Stilson – Mini Grant Co-Chairs
  • Katie Wilcox – Secretary
  • Janelle Stanton & Anna Gentry – Newsletter Co-Chairs
  • Kathy Brohm – Student & Volunteer Outreach
  • Anna Fleming  & Stacey Mahaffie  – Staff Appreciation Co-Chairs
  • Tiffany Voeller – Website
  • Kate O’Brien – Social Media

Thanks to Eric Moroye and Neil Anderson for attending each and every board meeting to answer questions and provide us with invaluable insight and counsel during mini-grant selection sessions. Special thanks to Barb Olsen for helping us coordinate our meetings and events.

Last, but not least, thank you to you, our Monarch High School parents, for helping to provide over $17,000 in financial support for our school. The teachers are truly appreciative of everything you do to make the school great and so is the PTSO. Have a terrific summer!

Cory  Nickerson and Lynne Wexler
Outgoing PTSO Co-Presidents