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MoHi Spring Ultimate Frisbee is On!

Our players are ready to practice this week….as soon as the snow melts! We’re wishing we were still at the “Beach of Dreams” tournament the team traveled to Santa Monica for over break. During last fall’s co-ed season, Monarch had over 100 participants, and we welcome all who wish to join us this spring. Ultimate is a club sport with a “no-cut” policy and we’ll be fielding all-female and all-male squads at several levels this season.  Practices are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15-5:15, with girls’ games on Tuesdays starting 3/5 and boys’ games on Thursdays starting 3/7.

For more information, contact Team Manager Tam Dalle Molle at tamdallemolle@gmail.com and Coach Finlay Waugh at finwa@comcast.net