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2017-2018 Yearbook Senior Photo Information

CURRENT JUNIORS:  Class of 2017-2018 Senior Photos

It is the custom at Monarch for students to provide a senior photo to the yearbook.  Many students hire a professional photographer. (You may make your own decision about hiring a professional; any photographers advertising with the yearbook have agreed to offer two students in need a free photo session.) Some students have a friend or relative take their photo over the summer.

Photos will be due October 6, 2017.  All juniors will receive an envelope with photo and senior yearbook ad information about all the procedures and specifications for senior photos.  PLEASE READ THESE CAREFULLY.

If you hire a photographer, please make sure the photographer has the guidelines as well. We want you to have a photo that meets yearbook purposes and also makes you happy.

Bonnie Katzive

Language Arts and Journalism Teacher

Adviser, The Howler and Yearbook

bonnie.katzive@bvsd.org, 720-561-4312