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Important Yearbook Info


Parents and Students, please read the following carefully.  Due to summer remodel plans and some other changes, there will be limited opportunities for yearbook pickup this year. Please plan on picking up your yearbook during one of the available times.

What are the yearbook pickup times and locations for students who pre-ordered?

*You must pay all school fines before you can pick up your yearbook.

  • May 10: Library, 11-3:30             SENIORS ONLY
  • May 11: Library, 2:00-4:00        All students can pick up yearbooks and go enjoy the all-school barbecue
  • May 14: Room L205, 12:40-3:30
  • May 15: Room L205, 1:20-3:30
  • May 17: Room L205, 1:00-3:30

Pickup locations for finals week will be announced on Schoology.  If you do not pick up your yearbook before May 24, you will have to wait until after school starts in August!

Can I still purchase a yearbook?

We have 100 extra copies coming.  These will be sold at yearbook distribution on May 10th and 11th and then at the Treasurer’s window until they sell out.  Buy one at your earliest opportunity. The cost is $70. *You must pay all school fines before you can purchase a yearbook in May.

What if I am not sure if we bought one?

A list of who purchased will be posted outside room L205A (by the library) after April 15.  Please have your student check the list. If you do not see your name, but you have a receipt, canceled check, or Revtrak record showing a purchase, you may contact adviser Bonnie Katzive (bonnie.katzive@bvsd.org) to clear up any issues.  We try to keep perfect records, but sometimes errors occur and we are happy to clear up issues.

I never received my 2017 (last spring) yearbook and I paid for one.

Pick up your previously pre-purchased yearbook from the treasurer, Miranda Bellacosa, during regular school hours at your convenience.  We also have yearbooks from 2015 ($55), 2016 ($60), and 2017 ($65) available for purchase in the Treasurer’s Office.

Do NOT mark your yearbook until you have looked through it to make sure it is in perfect condition.

Seniors should check portraits and ads (if purchased).  If a yearbook has a printing error, such as smeared ink or an upside down page, the plant can only take it back and replace it if your yearbook is unmarked (which includes water and coffee stains).  [As soon as you are sure everything is in order, get your name into your yearbook so you can track it down if misplaced.]  Bring your yearbook to Bonnie Katzive if you need to discuss or exchange a yearbook that was damaged during printing.

My name is spelled wrong in a story.

The yearbook is a student publication and, as such, there may be errors.  While we do our best to offer you a quality publication, it is simply impossible to catch every error.  By purchasing a yearbook, you indicate your understanding of this statement and agree not to hold Monarch High School nor the yearbook staff liable for any mistakes in content or word processing including spelling mistakes.  Refunds will NOT be made for errors. Any problem in need of reporting should be sent to bonnie.katzive@bvsd.org.

My nameplate is spelled wrong.

Please report this to us by May 17th so we can arrange for a new one before the school closes for the summer.  We will only replace nameplates if the error was made by school or yearbook staff or by the yearbook company.

Bonnie Katzive
Language Arts and Journalism Teacher, Monarch High School
Adviser, The Howler and Yearbook