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MoHi Mosaic Yearbook Awarded National Honors!

The 2016-2107 yearbook received a “First Class” rating in our NSPA  (National Scholastic Press Association) critique.

The critique is a written evaluation of work submitted by a publication. Professional journalists, experienced media advisers, and other media professionals serve on the NSPA board of judges. The judge writes comments and scores the publication in several different categories such as coverage, writing and design. The composite score from all sections gives the publication an honor rating ranging from Third Class to All American. Awards range from third class up to All-American–which is pretty tough to achieve and is typically awarded to only one publication annually.

I am very proud of my staff, especially Emma Wolters and Samantha Wexler, our (graduated) Editors-in-Chief. But, we could not have made such a strong yearbook without all the support we received from Monarch staff and administrators, as well as some super-parents who made sure that we had photos even when some of the events were not accessible to yearbook staff. Please keep on sending us photos and tips for what we might want to cover in student publications.

Bonnie Katzive
Language Arts and Journalism Teacher, Monarch High School
Adviser, The Howler and Yearbook