A note from your friendly yearbook advisers:

It is nearly time for yearbook distribution, and we know you may have questions. This year’s yearbook has a beautiful, innovative design, and we hope you and your students will love it! Please remember that the yearbook is a student production, and that we only had six, trained yearbook staff to start our year. The staff that made the book also published the newspaper, ran @howlersports,, and still had to find time to do their other homework. Speaking of homework, all Monarch High School student publications are the students’ work, from policy decisions, to writing, to most of the photography. They do all the interviewing, writing, and editing. They try to be careful and accurate, but they do make mistakes. If you find one, please contact one of the publications advisers: or We will help student editors address complaints and learn from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still buy a yearbook? Yes! You can purchase a yearbook during yearbook distribution (seniors May 12; grades 9-11, starting May 15). The cost is $50. Don’t hesitate–we only have a limited number of extra copies and cannot print more. We do have years where we sell out!

What if I owe fines or fees? You need to have a clean account (no library fines, textbook fines, etc.) to pick up your yearbook.

My yearbook is missing pages (or some similar printing flaw). What should I do? Report printing errors immediately. We will provide you with a new, complete copy and report the error to the yearbook company. Don’t wait–we have a limited amount of extra copies.

I can’t remember if I bought a yearbook. We will post a spreadsheet on the yearbook webpage shortly prior to distribution. You will be able to check.

I can’t come to yearbook distribution. You can pick up a form from the bulletin board outside L205A to authorize a friend or relative to pick up your book.

Can I just visit the yearbook classroom and pick up my yearbook? No! Ms. Katzive has other classes in session and cannot help you at any time other than yearbook distribution hours. Once the posted distribution times are over (starting May 25), all yearbook pick-ups will take place at the school treasurer window.

My nameplate is spelled wrong, or I did not get a nameplate I paid for. Contact Ms. Stanley or Ms. Katzive immediately, and we will order you a new nameplate as soon as possible.

My dog ate my yearbook. If you lost or damaged your yearbook, you will need to purchase a new one.

ATTENTION CLASS OF 2016: Make sure to pick up your senior portrait photography directions packet at yearbook distribution. You need to read the guidelines for photos even if you do not plan to hire a photographer. Follow the guidelines! The editors have carefully considered how to create fair, personal, and attractive senior portrait guidelines.

If you want professional photos, but really cannot afford them, see a yearbook adviser (Ms. Stanley or Ms. Katzive) to find out how to ask one of our preferred photographers for help.