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How to volunteer

Click here to complete the Monarch High School Volunteer Form.

Please e-mail your completed form to Volunteer@monarchptso.org or send paper copies to PTSO, c/o Monarch High School, 329  Campus Drive, Louisville, CO  80027.

Click here to complete the BVSD Volunteer Form (required for all volunteers.)

  • You will then need to log into RevTrak. A new account will be necessary rather than your existing Monarch or Junior High credentials.
  • Select Annual Volunteer Application for 2017-2018.
  • Click Here to Register for this class. {You will not be charged. The cost for the “class” is $0.}
  • This is not a background check, just an information form that will end up with Barb Olsen in the Monarch Administrative Offices. Information about the background screening is included below.
  • You will need to choose “Monarch High School” as a chosen school and Barbara Olsen, 720-561-4202 as our School Contact.
  • You can print a “receipt” to show you have completed the volunteer form.
  • In addition, please click the BVSD Volunteer webpage to determine which level of background screening (if any) would be required for your volunteer tasks and download the BVSD-required screening forms for processing. The two background screening options are fingerprinting through the District or TC Logic’s online screening. Click here to complete the BVSD TC Logic Security Screening.
 For more information or to volunteer, please contact the Anita Harrington, PTSO Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteer@monarchptso.org.